Hello, brother.


Dear Silas,

This is Carson.  You know, mom and dad’s favorite little boy until you came along.  I don’t mean to sound bitter or anything, but you sure do know how to come in to this world with a bang!

Sharing the stage isn’t going to be the easiest thing for me, but they tell me that “I’ll manage.” I am, after all, a pretty good comedy act, and if you can hang with me, maybe I will let you be the opening performance.

I don’t know much about this “brother” thing yet, and I can’t promise we will always get along, but I can promise you one thing.  I’ll always love you… no matter what.

Sure, we’ll have our ups and downs.  And if you mess with Boppy, then you mess with me.  If someone messes with my baby brother, though, know I’ve always got your back.

I may get you in to trouble a lot, and surely not every wall I creatively design with crayon art will be my fault, but yours.  Though we will learn to love each other through it all.

Mom loves us so much.  We will drive her completely crazy, but just know that her love never ends (and her obnoxious attacks of kisses won’t either).  Dad will be our best friend, but don’t think for a minute you’ll get away with anything.  He’s either instigating it with us to drive mom more nuts or he’s gonna wrestle us to the floor with his MMA skills.  Our grandparents spoil us, and trust me, we have got it made. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for us.  They make any bad day a good one.  They have the ability to turn a storm in to sunshine.  I am pretty sure that with a little bit of noise and dirt added to the mix, we do the same for them.  Our aunts and uncles are the coolest they come.  They are amused by us and play with us like they are our age. You are too young now to see the love in their eyes, but they all feel a lot of love for us.

You are a little beat up right now, and mommy and daddy have to give you a lot of extra attention, but I am handling it well.  As much as I miss them, I know you need them and I’ll wait.  But Silas… get better soon.  I want my family back.  And I want you home.  I finally have a side kick to teach all my tricks to.  We are going to have so much fun together.

There’s this “big Man in the sky” who mommy and daddy say are holding your hand.

He watches you and me.

They think I don’t know who He is, but I do.

He is the same one that gave me you.

-Love, Carson


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