when blessings pour out: philly update

            As we are about to start the week, I am a huge ball of crazy nerves.  I know in my heart that this next couple of weeks will be fine, and God has His hand on Silas, his medical team and the whole process.  The nerves won’t fully hit me until after Ryan and I hand Silas over to the surgical team and sit down together without him in that waiting room.  I was talking to a friend earlier, and was reminded that surgeries never get easier, even as brave and confident as you want to be about it.  But I know Silas needs this and the only choice we have is to head to Philadelphia and pray that he comes home a better and more improved him.  I have a lot of faith in that outcome.


            We recently received some wonderful news as far as our trip goes.  When I was contacted by our local social services department a few weeks ago, the last thing I ever thought I would hear is that there was a possibility of our lodging being fully funded, and the gas to get there as well.  After all, we had booked our hotel with the lowest rate we could find as high as $139 per night, and 15 miles from the hospital (which would probably take us over an hour to get there).  We had also been approved for a Host Home (staying with a family in the area) and were also offered a place to stay with someone Silas’ therapist knows –  both being about 20-25 miles away.
            Then one morning I picked up the ringing phone to be greeted by a sweet woman calling with a few questions.  She was asking about Silas’s certification through a program we haven’t used in well over a year which helps with the cost of traveling to and from appointments for children with lots of medical needs.  She called to re-certify us and had asked if we would be traveling farther than normal anytime in the near future, since those types of trips require a different kind of form.  I jokingly mentioned Philadelphia and St. Louis and how we would be going out of state multiple times in the next 6 months, not thinking there was anything they could really do to offer help in those areas.  After becoming interested and asking me several questions pertaining to the trips and lodging, as well as asking for contact information to the hospital, she enthusiastically said she’d be back in touch.
            Over the next several days, she kept in touch and gave us some encouraging news that we’d possibly have some help with the cost of lodging and gas for this next trip.  What we weren’t expecting to hear was a phone call from a social worker at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia saying that after speaking with the sweet woman here in Stokes county, that she’d reached out to a nonprofit organization in Philly called The Kolbe Fund, which would be sponsoring us and funding our stay at the hotel just across the street from the hospital for our first 10 days there.  I heard from our local department a few days later, saying they would be funding the next 10 days in the same hotel as well as helping us with gas up and back.


            One thing that has been most difficult for me on this journey is laying down my pride and letting others help us.  I am completely undeserving, but I am humbled and grateful that this help is available so that Silas can get the best care there is available to his unique needs.  Ryan and I were feeling very overwhelmed but so much help opened up for us, and it is without a doubt a blessing we will never forget.
            Wednesday morning we drop Carson off at school and head out on the road for Philly.  Oh how we will miss him.  I know he will be fine and in his element here, with family and his school that loves him.  With less stress on our shoulders than before, I am reminded that this village of people we have surrounding us is God’s way of saying He will take care of us.  Not just us as in my family, but us as in everyone; His children.  I can’t wait to see how in the future He will use us to give back and be a blessing to others in the way so many have been a blessing to us.



3 thoughts on “when blessings pour out: philly update

  1. Leah, I am so happy you got the great news of funding for the trip. God really does move our lives in amazing ways. You, Ryan, Carson, and Silas are already a blessing to others….most certainly myself. I frequently thank God for the example you set for others. At a time in this country when there is so much ugliness, your light shines brightly. Love, Aunt Colleen

  2. I am crying right now. You know your words always touch me. We love you Leah, all of you. I’m amazed at how many people want to help. How many people are there for you guys. The generosity of others comes in so many different ways whether that be through prayer, emotional support, money, etc. The love that continues to pour over that little guy is astounding and truly inspirational. I’m not sure if we could ever properly thank everyone and I know you guys feel the same way. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe the emotions flowing through me. Thank you would never be enough. I really do love each and everyone one of the many, many people who have come along on this journey!

  3. Girl, I am a mess sitting here reading this with tears of joy in my eyes. You guys are in our prayers and I will be sharing his progress with our church. God is good all the time! Please let your family know I would love to help them in any way I can with Carter.

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