Happy Birthday, Silas!

Silas – Fall 2015

Dear Silas,

silasbirthday 041
The Birthday Boy 11/12/2015

I think about what I would say to you if you could understand the words from my mouth. If you were old enough to understand, I’d want to tell you that you have changed my life. I’d tell you that you have changed my vision, the way I listen, the way I interpret the world; the journey itself is a different road, much more different than any other I’ve traveled. If you could understand me, I’d want you to know that even if I seem like I am overwhelmed most days, you’re one of TWO of the most wonderful little things that has ever happened to me. I want you to know that watching you grow has been a learning process for me. Where worry seems to be consuming me, I have been able to watch you prove my worries wrong. You’ve taught me several good lessons that I hope you will one day learn how to share with others, such as: Taking your time. Not getting ahead of yourself. Being happy with who you are and never giving up on the dreams that await you. Setting goals and reaching for them. Being mentally prepared to take on surprises because they happen all of the time, and laughing a little whether the surprises happen to be good or bad. Learning to ask for help, because it’s impossible to do it all on your own. Never be so prideful to judge others because you never know when you will be in those shoes. Being angry is okay, being sad is okay, but don’t allow those feelings to own you. Family comes first. And God is great, so great. Keep focus on today, because the worry of the future isn’t as important as what is happening right now. Be strong, and when you can’t be strong, ask others to be strong for you. Prayer heals and restores. The world can sometimes be a cruel and judgmental place, but always stay true to yourself and be that person, no matter what the world thinks you should be. There are always road blocks, but you can find your way around them. Never try to be as big as the world, stay small and enjoy the view from down here – you will surely make an impact.

Happy Birthday, sweetie.

silasbirthday 024


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