an open letter to my husband

An open letter to my husband

There are certainly a million fish in the sea, but then there’s you.

You, with so much strength, so much love that never seems to run out.

You, the boy who not only stole my heart with those big brown eyes, but listened, questioned and pushed me to grow stronger with my faith because you cared deeply for not just me, but my soul. You stole my heart by sharing God with me.

You, the boy who chased me across the country because you were afraid of losing me.

You, the boy who insisted we go to church while living in Sin City.

You, the boy who made that first summer together one I will never forget. We had no money but we didnt ever let that stop us. We mapped out every park, every soccer field, every adventure – everything we could do that was free, and we spent the summer loving each other unconditionally and enjoying the simple things in life.

You, the boy who never forgot to introduce me, or include me. Who always made me feel special, beautiful, loved, and still do.

You, the boy who told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

You, the boy who took the news of my pregnancy with the utmost excitement, positivity and pride. I have never seen you more happy than when you found out you would be a daddy.

You, the boy who became a man when Carson came in to the world. Something changed that day with us both. Even with all the stress of parenthood, you still remain so strong, supportive and loving.

You, the man who sacrifices every day to make money to support your family. Who finds an avenue to grow no matter the circumstance. Who even when the going gets tough, you manage to find the positive in everything – you are my voice of reason and voice of patience.

You who held me through all my ugly cries and waited for my tears to dry, then helped me find light in my despair. Who never has given up on us, even with all the surprises of life.

You, who showed your strength when our second child was born. Who made the hard road seem bearable. Who helped me learn to laugh when I just wanted to cry and worry. You have never failed in reminding me where to cast my fears and how I must turn to God.

You, who has listened to me, challenged me, corrected me, called me out on my silly feelings, patiently listened to my thoughts and feelings, cared deeply and comforted me.

You, who makes our children feel special with every moment. Who plays dinosaurs, builds blocks, loves them enough to teach them the hard way, holds them and kisses their boo boos, even when life gets so busy. You, who calls every single day you are at work even when you have nothing to say except “I love you.” Who our children light up to when you walk in to a room. Who makes my heart melt every time you smile.

You, who has witnessed firsthand how difficult of a person I am. Who has never laughed at me for my moments and bouts of depression, which have come on like a constant tidal wave over the last year. Who has put up with my extreme mood swings and has loved me the same. Who tells me every day I am beautiful, even when I can’t see it myself. Who remembers every occasion, and makes sure to shower me with surprises. You know I love surprises.

You, my constant. My everything. I love you and feel incredibly blessed that you are mine.


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