a cup full

Often times, people use this metaphor to describe life – a cup half empty or a cup half full.

Here’s how I would describe my life by a tiny hint of an example of my day.

  • I’ve chased a half naked 3yr-old, covered in chocolate that I DIDNT give him.
  • Soothed a hysterical baby while wiping another child’s rear end, and following with a cheer for the potty goer, in a whisper, to not wake the now sleeping, drooling baby.
  • I chased a tubie and his bag up and down the hallway.
  • Wiped snot with my shirt sleeve
  • Entertained two kids with beans in a plastic container full of toys, in an attempt to regather some sanity.
  • Made up songs, danced a weeks worth of Hot Dog Dances.
  • Made a fort and then cleaned up popcorn kernels from every surface
  • Read books with enthusiasm.
  • Gave baths, more than once.
  • Scratched backs, massaged sore muscles.
  • Rolled balls down the hallway.
  • Tripped over toys down the hallway.
  • Got smashed in the face by little hard heads and bitten trying to feed little mouths.

And then, at the end of the day, my cup isn’t empty.

It isn’t half full, either.

It’s completely full – of the coffee I made this morning and never had time to drink.

The same coffee I have reheated over five times and topped off with the cold leftovers from the pot.

I have survived another day!!!
And without coffee?
Am I a warrior??!!


I’m just a mom.
Doing what moms do.
Keeping my kids alive and well.

There’s no other job in the world that compares to the overwhelming, disgusting, fantastic job of being slave to your children for all of eternity and being completely and absolutely okay with it.
You do it, and the coffee cup stays full, and you stay tired, and you can’t wait to get up in the morning, still smelling like peanut butter and poop, and do it all over again.


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