You should see all the toys that we have!

Dear Silas,

This week has been so much fun! I wish that you were here to play with me and not stuck with our sick Mommy.  She has really let her guard down this week; she let me watch TV whenever I felt like it.  She let me open the pantry and pull out snacks that were at my level of reach (which if I REALLY tried, I could climb a lot higher!)  I ate half the container of raisins, and Mommy wonders why I pooped on the floor this morning!  My birthday was last week, and so many nice people gave me lots and lots of toys, which I will show you how to use when you get here.  Some of them include the best kind of messy things, like chalk.  I figured the carpet was the best place to test this magical stuff out, but apparently even with Mom’s throat hurting, she still managed to get upset with me (I will try the walls next!)  She even locked us in my play room ALL day one day! It was so much fun! I had no idea that I had that many toys to play with!  You better hurry up and get here, brother, because I have heard Mom talk about getting rid of some toys that aren’t getting used as much.  I made the effort for both of us to pull those suckers out and use them this week.  I made each room a toy room by dragging them around the house so that she gets the hint that we NEED them ALL!  We are very lucky to have so many toys.  I think Mom and Dad will eventually just turn the whole house in to one big toy room for us!  Mom is still kind of sick, so I am trying to make her feel better by leaving trails of toys behind me as I go off to other rooms, that way she doesn’t have to get up and check on where I’ve gone.   And when she finds me, she lets out a big sigh, almost like she is so thrilled and amazed by my great idea! I can’t wait to come up with ideas and creative things we can do to get Mom and Dad’s attention when you get here.. it is going to be so much fun.  I love you little brother.





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